Tertiary syphilis is the most serious stage of syphilis infection which can affect the heart, brain, and other organs. This stage can occur years after the initial infection and may result in severe damage to internal organs.

Late/ Tertiary Syphilis FAQ

What are the symptoms of Tertiary Syphilis?

Tertiary syphilis symptoms may include difficulty coordinating muscle movements, paralysis, numbness, gradual blindness, and dementia.

How is Tertiary Syphilis diagnosed?

It's diagnosed through blood tests, cerebrospinal fluid tests, and examination of tissue samples.

Can Tertiary Syphilis be cured completely?

Yes, Tertiary Syphilis can be cured completely with appropriate treatment, usually involving antibiotics.

Is Tertiary Syphilis contagious?

No, Tertiary Syphilis is not considered contagious as it is the late stage of the infection.

What are the complications of Tertiary Syphilis?

Complications may include damage to the heart, blood vessels, brain, and other organs.

Can Tertiary Syphilis be prevented?

Prevention involves safe sex practices and early treatment of syphilis infection.

Is Tertiary Syphilis common?

Tertiary Syphilis is becoming less common due to early detection and treatment of syphilis in its earlier stages.

What is the primary cause of Tertiary Syphilis?

Tertiary Syphilis is caused by untreated or inadequately treated syphilis infection.

Who is at risk for Tertiary Syphilis?

Anyone with untreated or inadequately treated initial and secondary stage syphilis is at risk.

Can Tertiary Syphilis lead to death?

If left untreated, Tertiary Syphilis can lead to severe complications that may be life-threatening.

Is Tertiary Syphilis curable?

Yes, Tertiary Syphilis is curable with appropriate treatment, but the damage to organs caused by the infection may not always be reversible.

Can Tertiary Syphilis affect the brain?

Yes, Tertiary Syphilis can affect the brain and may lead to significant neurological complications.

What is the treatment for Tertiary Syphilis?

Treatment typically involves the use of antibiotics such as penicillin or doxycycline for an extended duration.

How long does it take to recover from Tertiary Syphilis?

Recovery from Tertiary Syphilis depends on the extent of damage caused and the response to treatment; it may take several weeks to months.

Can Tertiary Syphilis recur after treatment?

Recurrence of Tertiary Syphilis is rare after appropriate treatment, but regular follow-ups are essential.

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